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Marine Operations, Marine Renewables

WaveSub installation

Marine Power Systems Ltd. (MPS) is an Energy Company based in Wales founded with the purpose of developing WaveSub, the second generation of a device which aims to respond to the challenges faced when extracting energy from the waves. Their device operates by harnessing the energy of the reaction force between the device’s Reactor Barge and its Power Capturing Float (Prime Mover); in its operational condition, the device is to be completely submerged underwater, tethered to the seabed via a 4-point mooring system.



MPS appointed Leask Marine Ltd to provide project management and marine operation services associated with the sea trials, mooring installation, device tow to site and hook-up for the WaveSub device prototype The marine operations project was project managed by Leask Marine with operations delivered by Leask Marine’s multicats.

The project encompassed a mixture of marine tasks including towing and mooring, together with the more challenging, high-risk, subsea tasks. Leask Marine planned and managed each task based on significant relevant experience in offshore and subsea installations. 

The device was collected from the Port of Milford Haven where initial sea trials were performed in the Milford Haven Waterway before towing the WEC to Falmouth Harbour, moorings, then it was installed at the Falmouth Bay FaBTest site with the hook-up operations of the WEC device.

Read more about the project on Marine Power Systems own website.