InToTidal Project

The Integrated Solution for offshore Tocardo Tidal power plants (In To Tidal) project aims to develop and demonstrate the world’s first turnkey floating power plant solution – the Universal Foundation System (UFS) – capable of integrating multiple turbines, and ready for successful commercial application.

The UFS is a surface-based floating foundation enabling low-cost easy access to the tidal turbines for maintenance purposes, with all installation and service operations undertaken by small readily-available vessels. The UFS will be the first in the world to use a low wave response semi-submersible design.

InToTidal Funding

The European Commission’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 has granted €2.6million for the InToTidal project.

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Key Innovation Areas

  • Turbine energy production enhancements validated through full scale monitoring and independent verification;
  • Low-load mooring system;
  • Low-cost anchoring solutions;
  • Subsea dynamic umbilical; and
  • Installation and service operations.

“Our work at EMEC is an important step in de-risking and improving Tocardo’s offshore tidal power technology.
Tocardo’s benchmark is to produce energy at the cost of offshore wind in the near future. To be able to achieve this, the tidal energy sector needs to be enabled to increase the installed volume of equipment.”


InToTidal Consortium

Led by Tocardo, the project brings together Orkney based companies Leask Marine and EMEC and French research institute Ifremer. Tocardo has already been working with international shipyard DAMEN, as well as Leask Marine, Bryan J Rendall and Aquatera for the system deployment at EMEC’s tidal site.

Testing and Validation

Whilst initial testing of this innovative tidal platform will be done using Tocardo’s tidal turbines, the system is being designed to act as a generic solution for tidal energy production.

The system will be tested at EMEC in 2018. Initial trials of a test foundation syatem connected in February 2017 and will feed into the design and development of the bespoke UFS. The next installation is forseen in Canada at the FORCE and Petit Passage locations.

Following the 18-month InToTidal project, the UFS will be used for long-term demonstration of Tocardo’s T2 tidal turbines at EMEC’s Fall of Warness Tidal test site.

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