The Team

At Leask Marine we know that our people are our greatest asset and our staff make the business the success that it is.

Leask Marine are passionate that it is every member of our staff that makes us a strong team that is the foundation of our high-performing business. The great team ethics can be held largely accountable for the success and smooth-running of Leask Marine. The team’s strengths are that we communicate well with each other, we focus on the same goals and everyone contributes their fair share. While the team members are diverse we offer each other support and are well organised and focused.

Lastly, it shouldn’t be all work and no play! As our business is linked to the local community and society in which it operate not only do we work well together but we enjoy each other’s company and get together outside of the day to day business and do from time to time like any excuse to socialise and have some fun!

Please meet the team below:

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Douglas Leask

Managing Director

Karen Leask

Executive Director

Oliver Bethwaite

Operations Director

John F Macleod

Commercial & HSEQ Director

Craig Laughton

Operations Manager

Kelly Muir

Accounts & Office Coordinator

Sandy Bremner


Elsa Ramírez Santiago

Project Engineer

Andy Shanks

Operations Manager

Richard Watt

Vessel Master

Colin Grant

Vessel Master

Paul Reid

Vessel Master

Andrew Stewart

Senior Diving Supervisor

Jan Demaine

Diving Supervisor

Ross Bickmore

Diving Supervisor

Mikey Carthew

Diving Supervisor

Davie Cload

Diver/Dive Technician

Martin Scott

Plant, Equipment &
Services Engineer

Paul Nicolson

Vessel Engineer

Alistair Scott


Shane Flaws


Derek Yule


Glynn Ryder

Resource Coordinator

Phyliss Stanger


Anita Zoro

Naval Architect /
Project Manager

John Wallace

Construction & Fabrication


Office Dog