Leask Marine Ltd was built its business with the support of the local island community and are a passionate supporter of our local community’s resources by employing locally and purchasing locally, so fully realise the benefits of carrying out their operations in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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Community engagement and community empowerment; community projects

Leask Marine are a supporter of local community projects and each project that we have been involved in has presented new opportunities for community engagement. Leask Marine can specifically offer for this project any of the following community engagement projects:

  • use of the Leask Marine personnel, plant and machinery resources on a voluntary basis from the project during works downtime to support an identified local community project;
  • utilisation of the resources of the experience of Leask Marine to produce or support a presentation on the safe use of operating from a slipway and safety at sea;
  • can offer site visits to local interested groups in a controlled manner to explain the operations, what is involved in such a project, the experience and knowledge of the trades involved such as design engineering, engineering, commercial diving, machinery operatives, and the Health and Safety aspects of operations next to the sea;
  • any material resources that are left can be donated to any identified local community projects;
  • ensure that the client is provided with a list of local suppliers, trades and services used during the project by Leask Marine Ltd.

Community and youth work engagement

Leask Marine are a supporter of local community youth engagement activities from work placement days, work experience, to potential apprenticeship support opportunities.

Leask marine supported the Orkney Careers Fair organised by Skills Development Scotland and Developing Young Workforce (DYW) Orkney, with the aim of giving folk an insight into the opportunities they have to develop their skills at home and away. We had over 150 engaging students interested in a opportunities from crewing, commercial diving, and a range engineering jobs.

Leask marine Stand at Orkney Careers Fair at the Pickaquoy Centre, Kirkwall.

Community Sponsorship

Leask Marine are a supporter of local individuals and community & charity groups.

  • Thorfinn Youth Football Club

  • Alex Kansour on Penguin International RFC tour Singapore

Fair Work Practices/The Living Wage

We are a Living Wage employerLeask Marine are an accredited Living Wage Employer. We are passionate that this qualifies the fact that every member of staff in our company earns not just the minimum wage but the Living Wage. The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually, based on the cost of living in the UK, and we believe that every member of staff deserves a Living Wage.


Leask Marine use local suppliers and traders for materials where possible throughout our projects to ensure that any spend is within the community to their benefit. These would include aggregates, steel, fuel, anodes, welding, and marine supplies. Leask Marine will also use local hostelries throughout the project for all project personnel accommodations and food.

Prompt Payment throughout the supply chain

Leask Marine ensure all suppliers are paid within the normal trading terms and do not coerce or pressurise any suppliers to extend their normal expected payment terms, even if this means in many cases that Leask Marine are out of pocket to major construction businesses with long lead time payments and held retention. Leask marine do not operate retention payments with any of their supply chain, and fully realise the implications of late payments to local SME businesses.


Leask Marine manage, record and report each project’s operational waste in a totally environmental manner and where possible ensure full recyclability of all waste materials. Stage 1 is ensuring that the correct amount of materials are ordered for the project and to ensure limited waste from the outset. Any waste that is generated on site to go into appropriate skips to be recycled. Any reinforcement or other materials not consumed can go onto the next project to be used up. Actual waste including packaging will be recycled where possible, and an example being that any reusable pallets can go into shuttering.