Raptor SDR

At the other end of the scale is our Submersible Drilling Rig (SDR) which can operate at water depths of up to 90m, and drill up to 800mm wide, 7m per stroke anchors. 

The SDR is supplied in a 40ft open top container and can be transhipped anywhere in the globe. It comes complete with its own control cabin and workshop for ease of operations.  

The SDR project is the design, manufacture and development of cost-effective drilling option for mooring and anchoring solutions. This project augments the existing drilling rig concepts available on the market with an innovative, robust purpose-built solution that will enable low-cost drilling & piling operations.

The physical drilling operations are managed through a completely owned Subsidiary of Leask Marine.

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SDR specifications

  • Storage Position Dimensions:  2.12m x 2.34m x 11.4m 
  • Drilling Position Dimensions: 8.5m x 8.2m x 11.4m 
  • Overall Weight: 30t 
  • Drilling diameter <800mm holes 
  • Drilling hole depth <7m 
  • Levelised feet up to 1.5m

Drilling Head 

Power by hydraulic motor with hydraulic speed gear change. 

  • Pull back capacity: 
    • 51Tons 
  • Speed: 
    • 1st Torque 2963Nm (0 to 43 rpm) 
    • 2nd Torque 1558Nm (0 to 83 rpm) 
    • 3rd Torque 389Nm (0 to 330 rpm) 


  • Control System

    The remote-control system of the RAPTOR S.D.R allows it to work up to depths of 90m.

    6×32” screens to monitor operations.

    Located on deck of operation vessel in a 20ft container.

  • Workshop Area