ROV Operations

Leask Marine owns and operates a SAAB Seaeye “Falcon” remotely operated underwater vehicle. This is the world's most successful underwater electric robotic system of its class, and is lightweight and portable for easy deployment, and is rated to a depth of 300m.

The Leask Marine system is fully transportable in its 10ft storage and operating container, that also contains a control room, worktable, and the umbilical spooler and HPU.

The Falcon is a commercially and professionally trusted, easy to use and portable system, and Leask Marine have several qualified pilots and tether handlers. The system can be mobilised on board a Leask marine vessel, or a 3rd party vessel for operations. The Mobile Control Cabin is supplied on a Leask Marine Vessel, or can be operated in a cabin, van & trailer for shoreside operations.

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