Marine Renewables

Supporting tidal and wave energy projects and offshore wind farms from consultancy to survey, installation, ongoing maintenance and decommissioning.

Leask Marine Ltd has been heavily involved in the Marine Renewables since they began in Orkney in 2003. Having worked with all the major developers in Orkney, Leask Marine has an unrivalled knowledge and experience of installing both wave and tidal devices. Leask Marine remains at the forefront of the marine renewables industry and has grown to become arguably the world's most experienced marine energy supply chain business, being sought by companies the world over to provide marine consultancy, project management services. Leask Marine are a key supply partner to the 2nd generation of wave & tidal developers, who are committed to ensuring these technologies become commercially viable.

Leask Marine have developed technologies and procedures to benefit the marine energy sector and their unique resources encompass an extensive range of vessels, equipment and commercial diving, engineering and construction teams, together with marine naval architectural and civil engineering services. The skilled team, together with the range of multi-purpose vessels designed specifically to support marine energy operations, puts the business in pole position to deliver at every phase of a project's lifecycle, from conception, design, engineering, reliability and survivability studies, testing, economic modelling, installation, operations and maintenance, through to environmental decommissioning.

Leask Marine supporting the marine renewables industry

Leask Marine can help throughout the full installation life cycle. This starts with our working with the client to develop the best method to install the device. Once this has been agreed, Leask Marine can produce all of the necessary risk assessment and method statements and help with the project management of the installation.

The nature of the installation varies considerably depending on the device involved. Whatever type of device it is, Leask Marine has the combination of vessels and dive team to support successful installation and commissioning. Leask Marine has the flexibility required to install all types of devices: large or small, wave or tidal.

With many years working closely with wave & tidal developers in the extreme weather & working conditions, Leask Marine have developed many inhouse resources and techniques that have transferred into assisting the offshore wind sector on many installation, and preventative maintenance projects.

C-Fenna with NKT vessel Victoria

Nearshore workscope projects have involved diving operations, airlift HDD’s & raising bellmouths, laying & removing concrete mattresses, spooling messenger wire pulling HDD ducts, pre-preparation works before pull-in of cable, cable pull-in cable operations, diver install & bury concrete ballast & cable protection units, post pull-in works including dive & ROV surveys, supporting DSV, CTV and logistic operations.

Offshore marine renewables works

Offshore works have included Cable Protection System cleaning & Dynamic Bend Stiffener Installation Works, involving diver cleaning of J-tube bell mouth upper surfaces, diver cleaning of Cable Protection System catenary from the buried end towards the J-tube entry to allow for bend stiffener installation, lifting, installation, and final assembly of Dynamic Bend Stiffening clamps around the existing power Cable Protection Systems at the J-tube entry with diver support, calibration and torquing of Dynamic Bend Stiffener installation clamping mechanisms, securing of Instrumentation to the J-tube and placing of terminations on various points on the platform, post works surveys, and DSV, CTV and logistic operations.

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Fit 4 Offshore Renewables (F4OR)

Leask Marine have collected a range of top industry awards recognising their important contribution to the success of the renewable energy supply chain. In 2014 Leask Marine was awarded Best Renewable Energy Service Supplier by Energy North, and in 2015 we collected the top award for Best Supplier to the Scottish renewable energy industry at the 14th Scottish Green Energy Awards.

Leask Marine’s known experience and flexibility allows these each client a turnkey solution for their devices, and with Leask Marines unparalleled depth of expertise and experience offers a complete supply chain solution for marine equipment procurement and logistics.

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