Marine Construction

Leask Marine has been involved in marine construction projects since 1985. With experience in all types of marine construction projects, both large and small, Leask Marine can offer a large variety of services. This is achieved by having the combination of vessels and dive team allowing us to deploy the resources required for any given job.

If you need something constructed, be it land, shore or under the sea then we can provide the complete package to help you fulfil your needs. We are uniquely placed with our knowledge, understanding and hands on experience of successfully working in one of the harshest environments in the world.

Our highly regarded track record is based on our ability to provide as a ‘One-stop Shop’ and to work to deadlines that benefit our clients as a cost-effective service, which understands the needs of all stakeholders.

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Our customers value the experience that we bring in delivering projects, equipment and construction services to agreed time-scales; ranging from small equipment hire contracts through to larger construction projects. Our marine construction services include:

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  • Pier / harbour maintenance and repairs
  • Slipway construction & repairs
  • Concrete breakout & replacement
  • Bridge inspections & maintenance
  • Outfall inspections & maintenance
  • Underwater welding
  • Underwater cutting
  • Site surveys
  • Dockside wall maintenance
  • River & canal surveys
  • Piling work
  • Concrete mattress installation
  • Hydraulic tooling including underwater chainsaws, drills and grinders
  • Hot tapping (Royal Oak)
  • Submarine cable installation
  • Sewage outfall instillations
  • Buoy maintenance
  • Safety boats
  • Marine project management
  • Plant hire
  • Precast, re-inforced & mass/in-situ concrete
  • Piling works
  • Coastal protection
  • Welding
  • Broco cutting
  • Pressure washing
  • Fabrication works
  • Shuttering above and below water
  • Airlifitng
  • Concrete and grout replacement
  • Scour protection
  • Slipway construction and repair
  • Pier construction and repair for concrete, steel and timber works
  • Supply and fitting of pier furniture, ladders, fenders, railings etc.
  • Outfall installation, repair and inspection
  • Pipeline repair and inspection
  • Floor protection
  • Placing of rock armour
  • Fitting anodes to piles or other sub-sea structures

Case Studies

  • scottish-water-logo

    Leask Marine’s civil engineering team were contracted to carry out all marine based engineering and construction activities for the multi-million pound Stromness outfalls project in Orkney on behalf of Scottish Water.

    This extensive project involved the Leask Marine civil engineering team, multiple vessels and crews, commercial civil diving team and shoreside construction work.

    The team excavated outfall trenches, welded outfall piping, laid and buried the pipelines, laid pipeline protective concrete mattresses, rebuilt infrastructures such as market posts, slipways, street lighting and access paths.