Marine Salvage

Leask Marine has been engaged in marine casualty response, pollution defence, wreck removal, cargo recovery, towage and related activities since 1985. With experience in all types of marine salvage projects, both large and small, Leask Marine offers a large variety of services. This is achieved by having the right combination of vessels and our own dive teams, allowing us to deploy the resources required, for any given job.

Leask Marine’s main role in any salvage project, is the protection of the environment and mitigation of any losses suffered by shipowners and their insurers.

We understand that today, the protection of the coastal environment, from spillages of oil, or other contaminants, is a high priority. Leask can mobilise dedicated crew and equipment to manage or support any size of marine salvage operation.

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Leask Marine offers a range of cost effective, safe and reliable services to support all salvage operations. These include: wreck survey and intervention, wreck removal and wreck towage. Leask Marine’s rapid response team includes project and operations management, commercial diving services, equipment hire and pollution control.

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Case Studies

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    The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) along with Police Scotland, had a requirement to carry out an investigation into the tragedy of the sinking of a fishing boat off the Western Isles. The investigation aims were to establish why the Louise sank and why lives were lost.

    Keynor Morlift Ltd. were contracted by the MAIB for the total recovery programme, using their experience and heavy lift barge. Leask Marine was engaged by KML to supply a multi-purpose vessel and diving team to support the recovery of the Louisa. Leask Marine’s vessel, the C-Chariot, towed KML’s heavy lift barge from Kirkwall to site and Leask Marine divers equipped the Louisa for the attachment of lifting strops, in preparation for the vessel’s lift.

    The C-Chariot then towed the transportation barge to Glasgow for further examination.

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    The Transocean Winner drilling rig was being towed from Norway to Malta, from where it was to be moved to Turkey to be scrapped. The platform and the ship towing it were hit by a storm off the Western Isles and the rig broke loose from its tow and ran aground.

    The Leask Marine team worked on the Outer Hebrides for over a month with the salvage recovery team from multiple companies.

    Our vessel and teams supported diving operations and mooring connections for Briggs Marine and worked closely with the range of marine contractors working on the rig salvage operations.