In water surveys

Leask Marine Ltd is classified and approved by several major international classification societies for Underwater Inspection In Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD) surveys of ships and mobile offshore units.

ABS approved service provider
xLeask Marine attain RINA approved service supplier accreditation

The surveys are monitored and recorded together with the communications by the classification Surveyor who is in full control of the inspection.

The underwater inspection is performed by certified commercial divers with the help of live video feed cameras and surface monitor providing two-way communications during the in-water survey.

Our divers take photo’s and video of the whole of the in-water survey of a vessel, so that clients have a complete picture of the underwater condition, and in addition a full report with photographs is provided with any highlighted points for attention. During the in-water survey any inspection clearance measurements are also taken as requested by the client of the attending classification surveyor.

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The first step to make an in-water survey possible is for Leask Marine Ltd to work with the client to send an initial application to the classification societies’ Ship Safety division indicating the intention to have any ship(s) participate in an in-water survey program.

The ship then must be examined to get an approval of Class Societies Ship Safety Headquarters to get into the In-Water Survey Program. This examination of the underwater portion and fittings of the hull as required by the appropriate regulations can be made by Leask Marine Ltd’s team of competent divers and technicians in the presence of a Marine Surveyor.

The in-water survey will provide, for as far as possible, the information on the condition of the vessel’s underwater hull and fittings usually obtained from a previous survey.


The proposed survey site should be in a protected location with calm clear water providing good underwater visibility. Visibility is typically greater than 2 meters length. Sufficient visibility shall be available to enable the Marine Surveyor to ascertain if the hull has undergone any permanent setup or set down.

Hull Condition

The hull should be clean for external survey and the Marine Surveyor should be satisfied that the method and quality of pictorial presentation is satisfactory, and that the information obtained enables a reliable assessment to be made of the condition of the hull.

Underwater Areas

An examination of the entire vessel below the waterline will be carried out by a Leask Marine competent diver using live video feed with two-way communication capable of being monitored by the Marine Surveyor as required. Where practicable the in-water survey should be carried out while the vessel is in Light Operating Condition to facilitate the survey.

Above Waterline Areas

An examination of the outside of the shell plating above the waterline and exposed portions of appendages should be carried out by the Marine Surveyor. Means should be provided to enable the Surveyor to accomplish this visual examination.


A full written divers report and copy of video and/or colour still photographs are submitted after the survey to the clients vessel master and/or headquarters and the classification society’s marine surveyor.

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