Ocean_2G Project

The Ocean_2G (Second Generation technologies in ocean energy) project aims to test, validate and pre-certify an innovative second generation (2G) 2MW tidal energy platform solution, progressing it towards commercialisation.

The project is based on further developing a tidal energy platform – the ATIR – designed by Magallanes who have already tested a 1:10 scale tidal energy platform in open water conditions at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC). Leask marine were the appointed marine contractors for these successful operations
The data obtained during the initial testing programme has fed into the design of the second generation device which has already been manufactured.

The project will undertake a number of key innovations to take this full-scale prototype from technology readiness level (TRL)6 to TRL8, readying it for market.

Ocean_2G Funding

This project received €1.9million from the Horizon 2020 Fast Track to Innovation scheme.

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Ocean_2G Objectives

  • Validate the full-scale (1:1 size) prototype in a controlled marine environment through a structured test programme;
  • Demonstrate the operational performance of a grid connected full-scale prototype in a real open sea environment;
  • Improve the prototype for cost competitive energy generation with a target of 2MW;
  • Pre-certification of the full-scale prototype with an independent electrical power performance assessment;
  • Develop a business strategy and marketing approach according to the projects outputs and identify potential customers.

“Magallanes Renovables’ patented floating design has been developed specifically to address the considerable issues surrounding the cost and complexity of installation and maintenance of seabed mounted tidal turbines. We believe that this project will result in a step change for the tidal energy market.”


Harnessing the power of our oceans from Magallanes Renovables on Vimeo.

Ocean_2G Consortium

The Ocean_2G project brings together Magallanes and their parent company SAGRES, Leask Marine, EMEC and IM Future to develop the second generation Magallenes tidal technology.

Testing and Validation

The second generation ATIR device is being validated in a controlled environment in Vigo, Spain, where the device has been manufactured, and will then be brought to Orkney by Leask Marine Ltd, to be proven in open sea conditions at EMEC. The device will be deployed and grid-connected at EMEC’s Fall of Warness tidal test site off the island of Eday to demonstrate its operational performance.

When deployed, the ATIR technology is fixed to the sea-deb using two anchors, one in the bow and another on the stern, with two counter-rotating three bladed rotors situated below the hull. Their movement is transformed into mechanical energy which is subsequently converted into electricity by a generator. The blades have a variable pitch system to allow blade configuration and pitch to change according to the current. A powerful control system manages the onboard systems and enables remote connection and communications with technology.

For more information visit: www.ocean-2g.com


Leask marine’s partnership for the project is with: