Naval Architectural Services

The Leask Marine engineering team is now recognised for industry leading consultancy services to offshore marine renewables, wind and oil & gas projects, and offer services in:

  • Mooring Design
  • Umbilical Design
  • Installation Analysis
  • Structural & Mechanical Design
  • Naval Architecture

Leask Marine’s strength is to work closely with clients, to ensure assets are designed to be safely installed offshore in the most cost-effective way.

Our engineering team, who will follow and optimise a project from early concept design to marine operations, has over 15 years’ experience in simulation and hydrodynamic modelling software ORCAFLEX and MOSES as well as structural software packages FEMAP and NASTRAN.

Complex analysis to industry codes, combined with a depth of operational experience achieves robust and proven engineering solutions.

Leask engineers perform analysis, develop procedures and risk assessments, then work on vessels to optimise documented processes and provide real-time engineering support.

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Design for low cost deployment solutions

The Leask Marine engineering team is constantly looking at ways to reduce costs for clients and to make offshore projects work financially.

Instead of using high value assets from the North Sea spot market, where commercial rate are highly volatile, Leask Marine engineers design and develop innovative solutions bespoke for each client which utilise lower cost vessels and equipment.

These solutions have been applied in:

  • Offshore Tidal Projects
  • Subsea Pile Intervention Operation
  • Oil & Gas Decommissioning Projects

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Case Studies


    As well as the complete onshore assembly and offshore installation scope Leask Marine were involved in this project with a range of design services including:

    • Mooring System Design
    • Umbilical Export Cable Analysis
    • Design and Procurement Support

    The Tocardo TFS was the first floating platform to survive more than 8 months in real sea conditions and during the development, there was no damage or failure to the mooring or umbilical systems designed by Leask Marine.