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Leask Marine completed pier extension project

Leask Marine completed pier extension project

Leask Marine’s marine construction team have successfully completed a major re-development of St Margaret’s Hope Harbour with a new pier extension. The team was supported by the company’s vessels, diving, design engineering, engineering and fabrication teams.

Leask Marine was appointed as Principal Contractor for the construction works both onshore and offshore for the new floating pier extension by the Principle Designers Orcades Marine Management Consultants Ltd on behalf of St. Margaret’s Hope Pier Trustees.

The Scope of Work involved the towage of the pontoon from Rotterdam and to provide anchoring and mooring systems to position it at the end of the existing pier. Building a plinth in concrete with steps for the access gangway, supply 7 fit ladders, street lighting, power boxes, cable runs, tyre fenders, and pad eyes etc. The works also involved trenching into the existing concrete pier for inserting cable ducts and electric cabling runs and for all electrical works.   

The next phase will be fitting tubular fenders and ladders along the existing pier.


Leask Marine completed pier extension project

St Margarets Hope Pier