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Leask Marine Celebrating 30 Years with New Vessel, C-Chariot

C-ChariotLeask Marine Ltd. celebrate 30 years in the marine industry with the addition of their latest vessel to the fleet the C-Chariot. A 24 metre multipurpose vessel fully equipped to meet the current industry demands. As with the C-Odyssey and C-Salvor, it offers a stable work platform and will enhance our capabilities and increase our capacity to deliver bespoke services to clients all around the world.

Leask Marine Ltd was established in 1985 and managed by Douglas Leask. As a highly qualified commercial diver and vessel Master, his talents were increasingly called upon to deliver knowledge and expertise to the growing and increasingly challenging marine industry. The company's range of services gradually increased offering; Commercial Diving, vessel charter, marine construction, support to the newly developing marine renewables industry and on to marine consultancy.

With this holistic range of services and extensive experience of operating in the challenging waters around Orkney, the team were well suited to become an integral supply chain partner of the newly developing wave and tidal testing sector. Although the energy supply is reliable and plentiful, converting it into useful electrical power is not an easy task. Therefore, over the past 10 years, Leask Marine Ltd has been at the forefront in supporting the marine renewables industry in their quest to harness this power. We became a world leader in the wave and tidal marine technology supply chain, winning last year's prestigious award for the Best Renewable Energy Service Supplier 2014, awareded by Energy North for successfully completing projects for many of the world's leading marine energy converters.

As a local firm, Leask Marine currently has a skilled workforce of over 40 people and operate five teams of divers, together with a workboat charter service comprising eight multi-purpose vessels, three of which are designed specifically to support the renewable industry. Leask Marine's working history, client feedback and expertise in their field put the company in a key position to deliver regular consultancy through every phase of the project life cycle, which include: conception and design, engineering, reliability & survivability studies, economic modelling, installation, operation and maintenance and decommissioning.

Projects that Leask Marine have completed and are currently undertaking projects in Orkney and abroad.

Leask Marine have, in 30 years, gone from strength to strength and now provide an unprecedented range of uniquely developed processes and equipment to support the mobilisation, deployment, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance, inspection and de-commissioning of the world's foremost marine energy developers' devices. We pride ourselves on putting safety and professionalism first.