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Elsa Ramírez wins prestigious Young Professionals Green Energy Award

Elsa Ramírez wins prestigious Young Professionals Green Energy Award

Leask Marine Ltd are proud and delighted to announce that Elsa Ramirez, Leask Marine’s Lead Project Engineer wins the Scottish Renewables Young Professionals Green Energy Award – Winner of the Engineer category Award 2020.

Elsa Ramirez, 27, serves as lead designer and project engineer/manager on new construction and tool development projects supporting governmental, commercial and educational industries. After finishing her master’s degree in Marine Renewable Energy at ICIT Heriot – Watt University Orkney Campus in August 2017, Elsa joined Leask Marine in October 2017.

In her 2 years with Leask Marine Elsa has played a key role in designing the worlds first Submersible Drilling Rig of its kind & size to support the offshore renewables sector, together with the new Strataloc rock anchoring system. Elsa applies her technical expertise and engineering skills to improve supply chain operations across the marine renewables industry and is constantly updating equipment engineering design to meet the operation requirements of a growing list of international clients with very individual project needs. She is knowledgeable in cost-reduction and energy-efficient, sustainable products and their applications on a diverse range of innovative technologies to assist the Company to remain a leader in the field.

The award was sponsored and presented by Arthur Stephens, Onshore Wind Development Manager for ESB energy.

More information in the full online programme, sponsored by Muirhall Energy & WWS Renewables.