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C-Fenna back in Orkney after 5 months operations in USA

Leask Marine’s vessel the MV C-Fenna recently returned to Kirkwall after an extensive period away on operations. The most recent was anchor handling for Prysmian’s cable laying vessel the Ulysses.

The team spent a total of 5 months on operations in the Delaware and in transit to and from the USA. The multiple cable lay’s across the Delaware River was completely successful and within schedule with the Leask marine’s C-Fenna on 24 hour operations with 2 full crews onboard 24/7.

The logistics for the project was a first for Leask Marine Ltd, with the C-Fenna beings transited on a semi-submersible vessel on the way out of Europe to the USA.

For the return journey the C-Fenna was as cargo from Philadelphia to Europe.

While this was a first for the team it proved that the whole Leask Marine resources can be deployed successfully anywhere in the globe for specialist projects.